OSMI ran their large-scale survey on prevalence and attitudes towards mental health among tech workers again in 2017. The survey aims to measure attitudes towards mental health in the tech workplace and examine the frequency of mental health disorders among tech workers. At OSMI, we will be using this data to help drive our work in raising awareness and improving conditions for those with mental health disorders in the IT workplace. We hope others will be able to use this data to further improve mental health education, awareness, and accommodations. The results are available on Kaggle, a service for searching and analyzing public datasets. You can view the data or download a CSV of the results for your own analysis from https://www.kaggle.com/osmihelp/osmi-mental-health-in-tech-survey-2017.

The 2018 Mental Health in Tech Survey is now open. The survey is anonymous. Please take a moment to help OSMI and their work by filling out the survey: https://osmi.typeform.com/to/xztgPT