Do you have a difficult time relaxing because you can’t stop thinking about things that happened early and what is going to happen later? Do you find it difficult to get motivated to do things that you used to be excited about? Are these symptoms of anxiety or depression or just a lack of sleep? How can you tell?

Anxiety and depression are very similar. They can be caused by the same things and can have the same symptoms. It is very easy to confuse the two and mistake which one you are suffering from. It can be especially difficult to tell when you are suffering from both. For you to find the right kind of help, it is important to understand what is affecting you and what it is indicative of.

Women’s Health has published a quick seven-question quiz to help you differentiate your symptoms and categorize them as depression, anxiety, or neither. It is for educational purposes only to help you better understand your symptoms and should not replace a diagnosis from a medical professional. Please visit NAMI.org for information on how to find a medical professional near you. Visit Women’s Health to take the quiz.

Photo by Elina Krima from Pexels