How do you know you’re a true fan of Ryan Reynolds? You stuck with the Blade Trilogy just because you knew he was in Blade: Trinity. And while I don’t really care about the San Andreas fault line or a burning skyscraper, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson suckered me into spending my time and money on those movies.

I look up to these two actors for their acting prowess, of course. But what really made me a fan is how both have opened up about their battles with anxiety and depression. In twin articles in Men’s Health Magazine, Reynolds and Johnson share honest, thoughtful, and open explanations of their mental health struggles.

Johnson has shared on Twitter his own personal struggles recently. He went further and shared the story about how his mom struggled with her own depression and attempted to take her life when he was younger.

You wouldn’t imagine it with the swagger and charm he exudes, but Reynolds shares he’s nervous and anxious before every appearance. Sometimes his anxiety is so severe, it leads him to very dark places.

The bravery to be open in a competitive arena like Hollywood is pretty astounding. These two public figures, people just like us, struggle with mental health issues and aren’t afraid to share it and seek treatment. I’m proud to have them as my heroes.

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