2018 Survey

We have been busy! We have spent the spring and summer! Volunteer & speaker Jenna Quindica went to Heartifacts conference, and also spoke at Docker in a partnership with OSMI and went to Dockercon 2018 representing OSMI! Joe Ferguson gave a keynote during WordCamp Dayton, gave his mental health talk at Mid-Atlantic Dev Con and PHP Detroit. Matt Trask spoke at WordCamp Kent. Nara Kasenberg gave a mental health keynote at Mid-Atlantic Dev Con. Volunteer J.D. Flynn also spoke at PHP Detroit about mental health. Arthur Doler spoke at NDC Oslo.

So far in 2018 OSMI has sponsored php[tek], Midwest PHP 2018, PHP Detroit, Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference, Madison PHP, Cascadia PHP, Wave PHP, Southeast Ruby, Southeast PHP as well as covering speaker travel costs to various events!

We'll do all our shopping via Amazon, and now you can support Open Sourcing Mental Illness whenever you purchase anything from Amazon.

Amazon Smile is a program where Amazon donates a small % of every sale to a non-profit of your choice. There is no extra cost to you! Just remember to shop Amazon from our Amazon Smile Link.