Looking for a fun way to support OSMI while improving inclusivity? The Ableist Jar is similar to a swear jar, where you drop a dollar into the jar each time you use a restricted word or phrase, and while the premise is based around donating money each time you use ableist language, the actual goal of this site is to raise awareness of ableist language. With The Ableist Jar, you can self-monitor if you prefer or get a group of friends or colleagues together and help hold each other accountable. It’s not always easy to notice when you use ableist language, so it can help to have others paying attention and helping you recognize when it occurs. The Ableist Jar was created by Nicolas Steenhout after — in his words — “a throwaway tweet” gained momentum. While this idea did not start out serious, the fruition of this project could make a serious difference in the lives and language of many, and all while benefiting OSMI’s work to educate and raise awareness about mental health. Visit The Ableist Jar to learn more about ableist language and what you can do to make your language more inclusive.